Custom Designs

Yes, We do custom designs!

Custom designed products from Indigenous Art is a great way to go for the small business. We have no minimum orders on the shirts, sweaters and jackets so no large investment is needed to keep your inventory stocked and up to date. Though some of the products (kimonos, Legging for example) require a minimum order of 10 to get the wholesale discounts.

Also unlike others we are happy to offer you a variety of design options, weather it a variation on the main logo or combining the art with other items like pictures or text. Also you are not locked into one shirt most designs can be applied to a variety of products. We have access to many other items not currently shown in our store, besides the shirts hats and other apparel we have mugs, totes, stationary cards, ect.. Just let us know what your needs are.

How much does it cost to have a wholesale account?

We charge a $50.00 fee to open a Custom account, yes only $50.00. The account once open allows you to submit for your first design or logo and your first 3 product choices (Tee shirt, tank top, hoodie for example) in all their colors. If you would like more products we charge a $10.00 per product setup fee. After your account has been established (first completed order of 10 or more items) we will accept more designs and or alterations to the main logo for more products.

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One time bulk customer?

Are you looking for a one time bulk order for an event? We can work with you on that as well. We ask for a $200.00 non refundable deposit of that $100.00 will apply to your order. This includes the 3 product set up and design creation, full wholesale discount of 30% with orders of 50 item or more and a 15% discount on lower orders with a minimum order of 25. Online sales will be available for a short time after the event.

Bulk Order account registration

How does the Wholesale account work?

After the account is open you submit a design and the three types of items you would like to start with. We work up the design to your satisfaction and finalize your product choices, for example there are several styles of Hoodies with a range in price from $35.00 retail to $55.00 retail.

With a completed design and at least one product we can set up the retail page and send you the link. The retail page (sample retail page) will have all of your products listed with the retail pricing. From this page you will place your orders, using a unique code at checkout to get your wholesale discount which is 25% for most products, and goes up to 30% for orders of 50 items or more. 

If you choose you can also use this link to send to your customers so they can purchase online directly from us. From these online sales you will receive a 10% credit.

Artwork Requirements.

Primarily the artwork submitted must belong to you, be your original artwork or you have the right to use for this purpose. 

Send to us a color jpg, png or tiff file containing the artwork, the higher the resolution the better. But we can start from scratch and working together come up the your design.

We then will take the design and convert it to the format we need and scale it's size as needed.


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